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American Quirk ™   Folk / Country / Acid Memory

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North Alaska Fire and Rescue (Live)
1. 01 Katie's Gone (Live)
2. Back When Buddy Holly Could Do No Wrong
3. When You Gonna Tell Her (Live)
4. In the Land of Muscle Cars (Live)
5. Take a Trip Downtown
6. Jesus Loves a Fool Like Me
7. I Threw My Hat Up To the Stars
8. White Noise (Live)
9. Intro to Prince Street
10. The Window On Prince Street (Live)
11. North Alaska Fire and Rescue (Live)
12. Let It Go Grey (Live)
13. Intro to Johnny (Live)
14. Johnny Damn the Consequence
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In the Land of Muscle Cars
1. My Rebel Days Are Over
2. Follow Me Down
3. I Threw My Hat Up To the Stars
4. In the Land of Muscle Cars
5. Hellbent
6. Jesus Loves a Fool Like Me
7. C'Mon, Mexico
8. Take a Trip Downtown
9. The Window on Prince Street
10. Johnny Damn the Consequence
11. Five O'Clock Riser
12. So We Go

Jaime Leopold & the Short Stories

Playing all original music, Jaime Leopold & the Short Stories celebrate some genuine American characters in a musical style they call: "American Quirk: folk/country/acid memory". It's a collaborative effort with the band members having their say in creating this genre defying music. The band features Don Jaime on guitar and vocals, Jennifer "the Polish princess" Smieja on vocals, Clark "the Rev" Salisbury on guitar; Aaron Lowe on harmonica, J. Michael Kearsey Jr. on bass, and Fred "Eugene" Ingram on tubs.

Don Jaime's songs are inspired by his early years in the Haight-Ashbury as a part of the youth culture of the day. There he hung out with many legends of those times--Allen Ginsburg, Neal Cassady, Jerry Garcia, et.al. Jaime, toting his upright bass from his hometown of Portland to San Francisco, played in The Orkustra, with David LaFlamme and Bobby Beausoleii, a psychedelic electrified orchestra, before becoming the original and longtime bass player for Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks. His approach to art and life is strongly influenced by those freewheeling times.  

If you want to read about some of Jaime's Haight-Ashbury adventures click here: http://jaimeleopold.com/scribblings/

Band statement: "If you take a listen you might hear something you'll really like. But maybe not."  Their new CD is entitled "Live At O'Connor's", a venerable Portland, Oregon roadhouse. The band is currently "en studio" creating what one hopes will be their masterpiece.  Thank you.


"Americana folk, embellished with a touch of country, then seasoned with a slice of blues-tinged longing. This is music that breathes life."

- Tom Franks, Folk Words (UK)

"An album of literary slice-of-life gems."
- Steve Murray, Oregon Music News

"I love these songs."
- Fiona Apple

"The man's a poet"
- Dan Hicks





September 26th  Northwest Brewers Cup - Astoria

November 5th  Mississippai Pizza - Portland

November  19th The Waypost - Portland

November 28th  KALA -Astoria








Jaime L. was born under the Star of David in the Bronx, U.S.A. where, sccording to his parents, his first uttered word began with "F". Hitching across the country at the age of four, Jaime and the Leopold clan arrived in Portland, Oregon greeted by the first wave of immigrants who had set up camp in smoky teepees at S.W. 13th and Mill Streets - now the site of the 405 Interchange. Many Years passed by.